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Hotel Mansion San Antonio
5 Etoiles  

Calle del Carmen 3, Colonia Cerro de la Colot, Tlalpujahua / Tlalpujahua de Rayon (Carte)

L’hébergement Hotel Mansion San Antonio à Tlalpujahua / Tlalpujahua de Rayon, Mexiqu Calle del Carmen 3, Colonia Cerro de la Colot. Malheureusement, une réservation en ligne n’est pas encore possible.
Cet établissement Hotel Mansion San Antonio on réjouit de vous accueillir bientôt. L’exactitude des données indiquées n’est pas garantie et dépend de la mise à jour par la direction de cet hébergement.  plus...

Tlalpujahua / Tlalpujahua de Rayon:

Tlalpujahua formally Tlalpujahua de Rayón, is a town and municipality located in the far northeast of the state of Michoacán in central Mexico. It is a former mining town, home of the Dos Estrellas Mine, which was the leading producer of gold in the early 20th century. A major landslide of mud and mining debris damaged this mine and buried about one-third of the town in 1937, effectively ending mining. In the 1960s, a local by the name of Joaquín Muñoz Orta began making Christmas tree ornaments here. This eventually grew into what is now one of the largest producers of ornaments called Adornos Navideños SA de CV. In addition to this and another factory, there are about 150 small workshops dedicated to making Christmas items, with about 70% of the town’s economy based on it. In 2005, the town, with its narrow stone streets and adobe/stone houses with red tile roofs, was made a Pueblo Mágico as part of its efforts to attract tourism.

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